Quad rotor drift

My Arducopter takes off perfect....no roll, no yaw....after rising above around 1 meter off the ground, it develops a small drift over 1 side, and starts moving with small horizontal velocity....


I see the platform as well as in HK GCS, n gyro readings are very stable.....can someone hint on what's going wrong...??


The flight is still very stable, and i can control it well....just don't understand the cause of drift...


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  • A little drift is almost impossible to avoid. A small breeze, turbulence from something nearby is all it takes for it to begin to drift. About the only way to prevent this drift is with extra hardware like the optical flow sensor as far as I know. GPS will prevent drift, although there is still a "margin" depending on how well tuned it is, how many satellites it is tracking, etc.


    I take it that if you only have a small constant velocity drift then your quad is probably perfectly level.

  • 3D Robotics

    It's probably just that one motor is a bit twisted or the CG is a bit off. All quadcopters drift a bit unless you've got GPS hold on. 

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