Quad strange behaviour


I have setup a quad like this:

APM 2.6 fw 3.2.1

3DR 915Mhz Radio


3DR Power module

HJ 450 Frame

Also use APM 2.0 RC1/RC3

I flew it normally for a time, I cant figure out why at one moment it started to behave really odd, I think it was when I was testing the python interface for MAVlink, it I don't know it for sure.

The strange behaviour is the following:

In stabilize mode, the quad is stationary and I arm it, after that I increase the throttle (I don't touch anything else on the RC controller), the quad lifts 3cm and then starts to revolve in its own axis (like a frisby), it's like it's being commanded to yaw (it might rotate CW or CCW).

I'm really puzzled, I calibrated the compass, radio, I disabled the compass altogether  with the same result, I rearranged the cables so the GPS it's alone at front and the radios, and power converters are in the back, with no positive results.

Two more things:

- I couldn't calibrate the APM 2.6 on board compass

- I have one propeller with a small crack but I flew like that before (I'm replacing it today).

I'll appreciate any help.


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  • I been doing some research, and I found two hardware related reasons:

    - Battery: the battery is not delivering the required amount of energy to feed all the propellers.

    - Engine: one of the engines has a problem and delivers less power than expected.

    Does it sounds like a plausible cause to anyone?


    • I found the cause, it was MAV_ROI_WPNEXT parameter, since I did not had any WP the bloody thing spined out of control.

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