I am flying with arducopter in my multicopters more than 5 years, and this is the first time I can’t solve the problem by myself.

The problem is: after 8 or 9 minutes flying in pos-hold mode, my quad start to drift in circles. And the circles are bigger and bigger.
After this when I correct using the Stick, and after a few seconds the circles starts again.

But the stranger thing is, in the beginning of the flight pos-hold is “Rock solid”.

The setup is:

Raspberrypi3 + Navio2 board with arducopter 3.5 version.
Baterry = 6500mah

motors - T-motor 2814-10 kv770
Propeller - 12-4x5 Rctimer
ESC - T-motor 40
AUW = 1,8kg , the drone fly with 40% of throttle , these motors are strong

The Multi:


Normal Flight until 9 minuts (but i dont have the problem recorded, because I stoped the recording to “help” the multicopter)


I'm using for fishing , no space for problems




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  • if everybody doesn’t know and can' t help, I have a real problem.


    This is the reason for everybody starts to buy RTF drones, nobody helps.

  • Sounds like your heading is drifting away.

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