Hi....I have excitedly just bought my first quadcopter. I've followed the instructions to assemble it and believe it is all good to go. Unfortunately, when I try and fly it, I can't seem to get it to lift off the ground. I can apply maximum throttle and it still doesn't lift off. It has a gimble attached, but no camera, so in theory it should be able able to carry a significantly heavier weight than it currently does. I've double-checked the rotors and they are attached correctly, everything seems to be as expected, except that it doesn't lift off. I can't help but think there is something very simple that I have over-looked. Any ideas or help appreciated?



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What battery, motors, size props, type quadcopter, etc, etc?? We need more info to be able to help

Hi Graham, the quadcopter is the Steadidrone Qu4D very similar to the one of the following website:


The battery is a 4200mah 3S battery and the props are 10" in length. Hope this is enough info.

Thanks, Anton

The website says 12" props with a 4S battery, you're using 10" props with a 3S battery. That might be it.

pictures usually help.

Graham - fair points, although I am pretty sure the props and batteries are appropriate for this 'copter. It came supplied and tested from a specialist as a pack and is slightly different from the one in the link.

Bill - here are some pics. Any thoughts/comments appreciated


Looking at the picture, and comparing my quad, I think your props are on the wrong motor.

If you are using the APM board you can check the wiki here for the correct prop setup and motor turning direction.

Hope this helps.


What's the all up weight?

No, I don't think it's props, the photo shows 2 normal and 2 reverse rotation on diagonally opposite arms which is correct.

I did some tests a while back using 3S and 4S batteries (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/amps-volts-watts-comparison-on-...) BUT I used the same size props for both tests.

My quad at that stage was 1.3kg and required about 200W to hover, so 153W/kg and there was about 17W difference in the requirement between the 3S and 4S packs at the same weight.

I think that with the 3S battery and the smaller props there just is not enough power being produced. Normally with electrics if you want more power you increase the amps (increase prop size) and/or increase the volts (3S > 4S).

The only way to really know is to measure the amps and/or the watts.

I did check the rotation of the props and they are as per Quad X on the wiki page.

The all up weight is 1.5kg. This is rounded to the nearest 100gr and excludes any camera, which it should be able to take in addition.

Front right should be ccw... That's not what's in the pictures. :)  If the props are providing downward thrust then you need to swap the positions of the cw/ccw props and also swap any pair of wires leading to each of your motors.

Just looked at the props again and the front right does spin CCW. What is interesting however is that if I put my hand above each prop, I feel very different strengths in the up drafts that are created. For instance, the left rear prop creates an incredibly strong updraft, whereas two others are noticeable and one I can't feel anything.

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