Quadcopter flipping over

I have a 3DR 2013 kit, and its been nothing but HELL since I got it in December.  I'm now trying to get the copter to leave the ground, but am having problems.  I try to lift off, and the copter decided to flip on its back.  I've checked the blades, the motors, the ESCs and the directions.  Nothing seems to stick out as the issue.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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  • The 'p' props are pusher props. They should go on motors 3 and 4, and should spin clockwise. The non 'p' props are just standard direction props, the should be on motors 1 and 2 and should spin anti-clockwise.

    Check here...http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-your-rc-input-and-motors/

  • I too would say make sure to reset the pids in case they were messed up at all..


    My quad was flipping over despite my knowledge that all the motors/props/etc were correct.. Turned out the pids were off causing it to be uncontrollable and tipping over every time I even attempted to take off..


    I found the easiest way to reset was to load arduplane firmware, then reload arducopter and then re-do all the calibrations. 


    That will ensure you have the default pids.. then assuming all the motors/props/esc are properly wired and installed it should at least get off the ground and be fairly steady

    • I went through and put both ardurover and arduplane before putting on arducopter again.  I went through the ESC's and calibrated those as well.  As I stated just now in the response above, I'm having problems getting the drone to take off.  I question the blades, but am not sure.

  • I've confirmed my props are running the correct directions, the Pixhawk is in the correct orientation.  I start my quad up in stabilize mode, which I thought would avoid this behavior.

  • If you could post a picture of your setup, and possibly a video of of an attempted take off I might be able to isolate the problem for you

    • Sorry for the delay in answering, but I've got a day job that gets hectic at random times of the year.

      These are photos of my setup and a video of the quad flipping over.  I tried reversing the blades onto the wrong arms, but found the props just spin and the quad never leaves the ground.




      • I still can't get the drone to work properly.  What can I do?

        • John,

          As Swift said the flipping is nothing to do with tuning, it is nearly always to do with having the sequence of the motors reversed in some way.

          The flight controller detects that the copter is not level and tries to correct it, by speeding up the motor that it thinks it needs to to bring the low side of the copter back up to level, but because the motors are swapped about in some way the wrong motor speeds up and rather than bringing the low side of the copter back up to level it brings the high side up even more and hence the copter flips.  

          Go back over through your build instructions and make sure that you have the motors signal wires connected correctly in to the pixhawk, in particular check that you have the 4 wire multicolour signal connector that connects to the output pins 1,2, 3 and 4 of the pixhawk plugged in the correct way, it can be fitted upside down which changes the sequence of the motors. 

          Check this and let us know how you get on

          Nil desparandum, we'll get you in the air :-)

          • Martin: YOU WERE RIGHT!  I actually found a plug into the pixhawk from the motors was plugged in upside down.  This made motor 1 turn into motor 4, etc.  I'm still having one issue but I know I'm getting close.

            The motors run fine, but now the drone will not lift off.  The props are spinning, but something seems to be keeping it on the ground.  I checked motor directions (CW vs CCW), but I suspect the problem is with the props.  I buy the APC props, but I've noticed they've changed a bit.  When I buy the SFP's, I'm sent ones that just say 'P'.  When I order the SF's, those show up at the door as SF's.  I've been told that the new 'P' blades are stiffer.  Is there a chance that a mix of the SF and P blades are causing this?

  • I can't wait to give this a shot.  I was ready to shelf this thing, but I'm gonna keep going.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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