This is my first quadcopter build and it is for an engineering project. We need a quadcopter that is atleast on the mid-size level, possibly large-size scale. How would experienced drone makers go about deciding on the frame? If our frame limits are ability to include things on the drone should we design and build our own? Where would you be able to have an engineering frame custom manufactured? Or are there enough options out there to find one that will work?

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Yes you can design your drone in cad and have it cut then you will need hard wear to finish it off! Not a last minit thing you will need month minimum turnaround time .
Perpus built Frames are better! for large size drone cinestar frame is the go to but it does not fold it comes apart unless you have the cash for an ALTA! For folding frame Taroat one othe player.
One with round tube $100 less!


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