Quadcopter from scratch, wiring and components


I managed to build a quadcopter with the parts described in the post, with this 10DOF sensor instead and without a logic level converter. It works fine and now has an ultrasonic sensor and Bluetooth communication with my android as well.

If you consider using a Bluetooth module running on 3.3V logic, remember to lower the voltage from 5V to 3.3V with some resistors.

Hi guys!
I'm totally new to RC and Quadcopter stuff but i would like to try and build my own Quadcopter. I know some basic electronics but I'm not familiar with all the RC and electronic terms.
Now i would like to ask you pros if my setup would work and if the wiring is good. This is the components:
1 Arduino Uno Rev 3. $30
1 Nine axis degree of freedom IMU sensor ITG3200/ITG3205 ADXL345 HMC5883L Module. $35
1 Logic Level Converter. $2 Do i need this?
4 AX 1806N 2100kv Brushless Micro Motor (19g) $37
4 Hobbyking SS Series 8-10A ESC $26
1 ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C $9
+ Props, what size would be good, I would like something small like 5x3 or maybe even smaller, is this possible?
Total $140

Would these components work well together and is the following wiring correct/optimal?
I'm specially interested if the Logic Level converter is nessesary. The description of the IMU says "fully compatible with 3v-5V systems".

The IMU can be found here:

And the Level Conveter here:


And lastly what should i do with the red/black small cables from the ESC, is this correct?

And I'm sorry for my bad painting and/or spelling.


Thanks for helping out a noob!

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  • I have recently made a sample very similar to your circuit.... the good news is that u dont need a logic converted ... as u can already use 5V as input to IMU .... and even if u dont and connect 3 V u can still use 5V in SDA & SCL as they are already have their own level converted....Please follow MultiWii config file so that u know the proper assignment of pins ... for motors & RX....

    if u can make multiwii see the IMU then it is done.

    Let me know if u r still interested in this subject.

    Multiwii Mini - Actual.png

  • HEY

  • I connected XBEE directly to HK2 board... you can do that if you use M5,6,7,8 as input pins for the RX

    and free the UART1 RX,TX pins that are originally used for RX.


    This is one of the features of HefnyCopter2... it is still beta and should be available soon.

  • Don't rush and buy. You're only going to end up with badly spent money : ]

    First, a word of warning, since you're new to the topic: before plugging any motors to escs make sure the motors won't spin. If they have propellers on, they could badly injure you (i mean, BADLY. Lots of blood and torn flesh, no kidding). Those propellers are REALLY SHARP and those motors are REALLY powerful. IF you have to connect the motors to the ESCs but are not 100% sure they wont spin, take the propellers off first.

    Back to the topic: I'm kinda a noob myself, but an educated noob. Or so I would like to think : ) ATM i'm calibrating a hk450gt heli and building a hexacopter. Otherwise than that, I'm a noob : )

    As far as I can tell, a better solution would be going with a board made specifically for multicopters (or really well supported, like arduino mini pro or arduino 2560 (r1 or r2)). Check aeroquad, multiwii and others for that. Then, if you don't want to spend too much money and can do your own boards, build a shield based on schematics for aeroquad (for example, many others are freely available).

    If you want do build a heli, you also need a frame... build one yourself if you think you can pull it off. A popular solution would be rectangular aluminium tubes and g10 sheets. If not, just buy one.

    Otherwise than that, research the topic more. I can give you my setup, it might be insightful:

    DIY frame

    turnigy 25A plush x 6

    NTM3536A-910 + sets of parts for mounting the motors and propellers to them x 6

    APC 12x3,8 SFP x 3

    APC 12x3,8 SF x 3

    turnigy 2200 3s 11.1V 25C x3

    turnigy 8 ch Rx

    DIY power distribution loops

    arduino mega 2560 r3 + DIY shield based on aeroquad

    WM+, nunchuck, BMP085, hmc5883l

    XT60 connectors, banana plugs for motors, 3 pin goldpin connectors (or however its called in english).

  • I would really appreciate if someone could at least tell me if these components would work together and wheter or not i need the Logic level converter. I'm just waiting for conformation so i can order the stuff.

    Sorry for bumping this, and thanks for helping me out!

  • 3D Robotics

    Wow. You're really biting off a lot there for someone who isn't very experienced in this area. The hardware is the easy part, but the software is non-trivial. For instance, where's your RC interface? Are you planning to modify some multicopter software already out there already?  Otherwise you're looking at many months of development. 

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