Cairo, Cairo

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I am a computer Engineer, works in software field. However as a hobby I am interested in hardware and autonomous vehicles.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am trying to build an automated fleet that is totally independent and with AI.


Cairo, Egypt

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MHefny posted a blog post
  This board is one of many Linux-Based boards that run Ardupilot. What is spepcial about this board is that has very simple architecture. Only necessary components has been added. No extra or redundant components. However it is still expandable and…
Nov 1, 2021
MHefny posted a blog post
Mavlink3DMap is a semi-simulator that communicates with Ardupilot SITL vid  UDP and websockets to plot vehicles location and attitudein a 3D environment. It uses HTML, javascript and some 3D and physics libraries to work. The world semi is used…
Nov 17, 2020
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav - Same Device with Mission Planner
"Thank you .... no dramatically change in the near future. I am working on making it more stable and helping ppl. to make use of it."
Jun 11, 2017
MHefny posted a blog post
Andruav system is mainly an Android based system, recently it has supported Web using Andruav WebClient.  In this article the video shows a new integration tool. Andruav Web Plugin it is a simple application enables you to connect Mission Planner…
Jun 7, 2017
MHefny commented on Zergtim's blog post Autonomous Take-off and Landing on a Moving Carrier
"very nice ... I clapped while watching the video ... good job :)"
Feb 7, 2017
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav 12,193 km RC Car Demo
"UDP is not possible, as you need to reach mobile so u will need a real ip, there should be a server in between. In the video u can see that there a re GCS also on web in Cairo that is many-to-many connection via server not peer-to-peer."
Jan 16, 2017
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav 12,193 km RC Car Demo
"In the LA video you will find lag in the first video, while the second is much better. Here in Cairo I used a  slow connection only 512KB for uplink. that is too slow, but it was enough for telemetry & video & facebook video :) 
When I use Mobile…"
Jan 16, 2017
MHefny posted a blog post
This could be a record breaking. The above video shows a demo with Andruav to actually control a RC Car from LA in Cairo using Andruav, the distance is 12,193km 7576 miles between the driver in LA & the car in Cairo.The demo was done in my home, and…
Jan 13, 2017
MHefny commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New RTF VTOL plane from Horizon
"I was thinking that we can get rid of the rear propeller, as it is an extra weight by implementing bi-copter techniques. I mean the two wing propellers can implement bi-copter technique to hover, take off & land, and when flying it can fly normally.…"
Dec 11, 2016
MHefny posted a blog post
Andruav Web GCS is the new Andruav arm that enables UAV pilots to remotely control their drones. Andruav has been known for its ability to track multiple drones, multiple board types, and provide FPV capability. Now withAndruav Web you can control…
Dec 11, 2016
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav - Video Streaming Capabilities
"I agree with your privacy concerns. Local Server is its final phase.Still if you need Internet access you will need a server on cloud -it could be yours not the publlic andruav server-.How do u guarantee that ANY  App including Andruav will not log…"
Nov 23, 2016
MHefny posted a blog post
Back to Andruav :)The above video shows how you can use Andruav for streaming video from your Drone(s), and receiving video simultaneously on different types of Andruav-GCS.  Although the video shows devices in one place, but you  can make the same…
Nov 20, 2016
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Multiwii v2.3 Working on Arduino DUE
Code is in the topic :) last link 
M. Hefny"
Aug 3, 2016
MHefny replied to Paul Scholz's discussion MavLink UDP connections
"Too late for a reply... but just to record I believe the solution is described here
You should be listening form messages on port 14550 on your computer. When you get a UDP packet, inspect it to see where it came from (should be and…"
Jul 10, 2016
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav - More Powerful & Still for Free
"Local version of Andruav is expected to run on Wifi, it might need a small laptop to run.
Local wifi in the field can be built using  tethering from your GCS mobile phone for small range, a wifi booster and special hardware can dramatically increase…"
Jun 11, 2016
MHefny commented on MHefny's blog post Andruav - More Powerful & Still for Free
"Also Andruav is much more than VLC, yes VLC can cover a function and in local wifi environment, but this is not all Andruav. :)"
Jun 10, 2016