Andruav - Same Device with Mission Planner

Andruav system is mainly an Android based system, recently it has supported Web using Andruav WebClient.  In this article the video shows a new integration tool. Andruav Web Plugin it is a simple application enables you to connect Mission Planner Directly to your Drone(s) anywhere in the world via Andruav Web, you dont need Andruav GCS mobile to connect your Mission Planner anymore.

Technically, Andruav Web Plugin is a nodejs app that you can easily install on your Windows, Mac or Ubuntu using a single command line. That means using any laptop you can open AndruavWeb on Chrome or FireFox, and connect to all your drones allover the world. Not only that, you can get low level control using Mission Planner or similar Apps that you run on your laptop using Andruav Web Plugin. 

Using Andruav Web, you can select different levels of speeds based on your connection bandwidth, and your needs. The default is level 2 which is the best optimization of mavlink messages that balance between speed and response. You can choose other levels based on your needs.

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  • is this the last and latest info? Does the web interface still work? And will there be a replacement once chrome stops the use of plugins?
    You my friend are legendery. Way before the PI people and using stuff eveeyone has a phone. Should have been standard years ago. Have you spoken to Micheal Oborne the leed programer on Mission Planner? I feel he would find this very interesting and maybe able to help make life easier with imtergration. Plus hes Australian so easy to talk to.,I have his email somewhere if youd like it.
    Thanks for making what looks fantastic. I hope we speak vefore our planned two hour flight to sort out some questions. If not well we hope to have a fantastic video for you to see of you app flying a plane up the Audtralian coast from Sydney as far as the plane will fly. Being chased I hope by a few drones and line of site from aboat.
  • Thank you .... no dramatically change in the near future. I am working on making it more stable and helping ppl. to make use of it.

  • That's really cool.  What are your next development steps?

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