Andruav 3G telemetry & FPV

Andruav –pronounced “androiv”- is an interconnected Android-based mobile that allow both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-GCS communication and control.


         The above figure shows what Andruav is. Using Andruav multiple pilots in separate locations can share flight information of different simultaneous vehicles, also different vehicles can communicate to track each other locations and make group missions.

Andruav can be implemented in many configurations:

  1. It can be mounted on a simple foam plane, and create KML file with its path in off-line mode.

  2. Use it online with an Andruav GCS where you can track your vehicle –or multiple vehicles- online using 3G/4G which give you unlimited range.
  3. You can take images by controlling camera from GCS a thumbnail of captured image is sent to GCS online while a high resolution one is saved on vehicle storage and attached to KML file.
  4. You can see low rate real-time video from your Drone Camera.
  5. Andruav IMU data that is displayed on the FPV screen on GCS, is not only read from Andruav Drone, but now it is read as well from the FCB -flying control board- in your Drone. That means you do not need third party application to see your IMU data. Just open the FPV monitor and you will be able to see it. Connection between Andruav Drone & FCB is available viaUSB & Bluetooth.
  6. You can take control of your plane using on-screen remote control. This is available when your plane Andruav Drone is connected to multiwii, naze32, APM or PixHawk boards. Even in APM & PixHauk you can change flying modes. 


Usage Scenario

1- Telemetry: connect Andruav Drone to MW, Naze32, APM or PIXHawk and use it as a 3G telemetry.

2- Capture Images remotely controlled by GCS.

3- Stream Video

4- Track your Drones on Google Map & See HUD View without Telemetry Software.

5- On Screen Remote Control.



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Manual & How to Use

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