Multiwii v2.3 Working on Arduino DUE

Most of us knows Arduino DUE It is a 32-bit ARM processor SAM3X8E that came with alot of expectation that a new era of Quadcopter firmware will be built on it -at least I thought so :) -.

Well that was very inspiring until I found that the new board has no EEPROM to save configuration settings, and the second problem was the 3.3V that made it incompatible with 5V interface.

Naze32was the first thing that made me have a second thought, as they solved the EEPROM issue by using Flash instead. So I started looking for similar code for Arduino DUE and thanks to Google could I found one written by cmaglie :)

Back to 3.3V. A brave man Rouan had no issues when dealing with 3.3V. I believe this is due to logic high is less than 3.3V even when working with 5V logic, so ESC can work directly now. for RX it seems that the 1-2ms pulse with 50Hz is not enough to burn the ports. This is based on my expectation, so I am not sure of the correct reason here.

Anyway I tried to proceed with Multiwii v2.3 and make the code compilable on both 8-bit AVR & new 32-ARM processor.... yes the same code.

It took be 21 days of dedication for this task, but guess what it is done :)

Although the firmware is flyable but not all configuration has been tested or even converted, I made a mass conversion here, but at least it is a good step forward. 

GitHub is here  

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  • Hi,

    Code is in the topic :) last link


    M. Hefny

    Porting Multiwii to Arduino DUE. Contribute to HefnySco/MultiWii_DUE development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • you program it in IDE or somewhere else. Can you please share the code. thanks in advance

  • Thank you :)
  • Very good step forward indeed. Nice work!

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