Andruav Web GCS is the new Andruav arm that enables UAV pilots to remotely control their drones. Andruav has been known for its ability to track multiple drones, multiple board types, and provide FPV capability. Now withAndruav Web you can control your quad, rover, plane by mouse clicks from your laptop.

DIY @ Home Flying

Thanks to Drone-SITL  you can reliably and safely test Andruav and its capabilities using a laptop and an Android mobile. Drone-STIL is a software-in-the-loop that simulate different vehicles run Ardupilot firmwares, the main andantage when it come to Andruav is that drone-stil simulates the input sensors, and physics model, but when it comes to calculations, path planning, modes ...etc. it uses the very same code that runs on your drone.

Drone-STIL may be not enough for practicing your flight skills, but it is enough to test and train your self on mission planning, using Tower APP & MAVLINK protocol. WHY ? because what happens here is that your commands are being processed with the very same code that runs on physical boards, the simulated sensors and motors are not the concern here, and not affecting any results in that area. So if you have a working tuned drone, so what Andruav can do with Drone-STIL will do it exactly with your own drone. So this is a training play ground that you can use to verify Andruav true capabilities.

Using Drone-STIL with Andruav

1- You need to install Drone-SITL on your machine.

2- You need to install MavProxy, this is the proxy that will be used to connect Andruav to Drone-SITL.
3- If you have everything installed correctly you should be able to run drone-sitl as in the following command:

                           sudo dronekit-sitl copter --home=-35.3632161,149.165229,0,0 --model=quad
4- Now you need to run mavproxy to connect your dronekit with Andruav. but first you need to know the IP address of Andruav Drone Mobile. each time you connect your mobile to your local wifi network it will get a new IP, so each time you need to get this new IP and connect to it.
Another solution is to use your wifi router to set a fixed IP address for your mobile by attaching a fixed IP address to the MAC address of your phone.

Assuming your mobile ip address is then you need to run MAVProxy:
                          sudo --master=tcp: --out=udpout:

Now all you need to do is to open Andruav in Drone Mode, go to FCB screen, and choose a UDP connection either native of via 3DR Services, and that's it.


Now Andruav will behave exactly as if it were connected to a real drone, now you can test your telemetry features easily and safely.

What is in the Video ?

The video is created using two Android mobiles running Andruav Drone-Mode, each mobile is connected to a Drone-STIL instance, one of them is for the quad, and the other is for Rover. 

In the video you can see Andruav automatically distinguishes between different vehicles, and modes that each vehicle can take.

Using double-click a destination appears where you can make vehicles goes to it -when they are in Guided mode-.

Also you can use Andruav Fence Editor, you can easily open it from Andruav Web to open in the same location, you can define fences in different shapes. Fences are stored in Andruav global database, and whenever you start any Drone your own fences will be downloaded automatically - you can delete them from web-.

Fences can be soft as in video, or hard that trigger RTL when a vehicle reaches it.

You can control YAW, Altitude, Capture Images from Mobile or Drone Camera.

You can stream HD Video from Drone Mobile.

Please try it yourself ... you can produce your own Andruav video same like the one above.

Have Fun :)


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