Andruav - More Powerful & Still for Free

A year from now I published Andruav latest article. Since then a lot of improvement have been applied.

What is Andruav in FPV ?

Andruav Video Streamer has been re-written to make use of modern Video Streaming technologies. Now Andruav stream video almost in real-time, it also can broadcast video from a single drone to multiple GCS including Online Web.

What is Andruav in Telemetry ?

Andruav already supports Telemetry for multiwii, APM & PixHawk. Now Telemetry is even better and more easy to configure.

The below video starting from minute 4 shows how can Andruav connect to Tower App, and stream data over Internet, while still you can access Video and other drones from Andruav GCS and on the same Device. 

What is Andruav as a Standalone App ?

Andruav connectivity has been expanded to connect using 3DR Services .

3DR Services already provide multiple options for connectivity, Andruav also provides Dual Connection i.e. Wifi & 3G/4G so that you can connect to SOLO and access it from Internet.

One of the distinguished feature of Andruav is the ability to many-to-many connections. i.e. You can use multiple GCS & multiple Drones all connected to each other.

In this video we can see Andruav GCS tracking two Drones running as Simulators.

What does it cost you to use Andruav ?

Andruav is a free app, you can download it for free from Google Play and use its full features for no cost.

As for hardware, you can use inexpensive, small, light weight yet powerful mobiles that supports 4G such as Micro-X-S240


As for ground station you can use your own mobile, a TV BOX -if you want a wide view-, or you can even access it online via Internet with much more features using Global ARC.

I hope you find Andruav interesting, and share your experience and feedback to make it even better.

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  • It is a great shock to hear that Mr Hefny has stopped devlopment and support for what is and was looking like being the best app for all RC fliers and drivers. Its a sad day that a prodject like this is not moving forward I only hope that someone with programming skills can step in and continue with the devlopment with Mr Hefny blessing.
    I only found out today when he emailed me and its a sad sad day. I wish him and his family all the very best for the future.
  • Hi Mahommad bewn trying to contact you re a lomg flight a group of us have setup wating for the right weather. My email is if you could contact us it would be,great spent a lomg time getting to this point. Cheers Gus
  • Local version of Andruav is expected to run on Wifi, it might need a small laptop to run.

    Local wifi in the field can be built using  tethering from your GCS mobile phone for small range, a wifi booster and special hardware can dramatically increase wifi range. 

    Different architectures are being studied. Please share with ideas :)

  • What will Andruav Local Server be able to do?  Would the Android phone connect to other phones using something like RFD900 radios?  Or would it be strictly a WiFi connection?

  • Also Andruav is much more than VLC, yes VLC can cover a function and in local wifi environment, but this is not all Andruav. :)

  • @Hans H, That is why Andruav Local Server is used for ... it is still under development.

  • Thanks MHefny! In a city this is great!

    But "in the forest" without 3G/4G it would be nice to use WiFi and a PC.

    VLC have a BIG sett of filters / modification / OSD funktions to help co-pilot / pilot.

    VLC can usually open many different video streams.

    Best regards!

  • @Hans H,  actually you can access web video from that integrates with Andruav App.

  • Super app!

    Is it possible to receive the streaming video on a PC? Using VLC?

    (I tried to google this but didn't find an answer)

    Best regards!

  • @Jerry Giant ... Thank you for the feedback. You are absolutely correct. 

    Please find more description in my previous articles:

    Andruav - Towards a Shared Data Model

    What is Andruav?  [earliest blog]

    Andruav - Unlimited Telemetry Range using Mobile Networks (3G, LTE)

    Andruav - Multiple Drones Multiple GCS Interconnectivity

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