Andruav - Video Streaming Capabilities

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The above video shows how you can use Andruav for streaming video from your Drone(s), and receiving video simultaneously on different types of Andruav-GCS.  

Although the video shows devices in one place, but you  can make the same scenario using devices in different locations, even different continents, as long as they have Internet connection via ADSL 3G or 4G. Video quality depends on sender mobile, network and the receiver device.

The streaming protocol handles network bandwidth intelligently and adapt video quality according to bandwidth availability, also processing power of the receiving device determine video smoothing and glitches.

Giving current and expecting advances in technology in video streaming field and processing power, this should not be a problem in near future.
Please remember to use HTTPS when accessing Andruav Web Module to be able to access video.
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  • I agree with your privacy concerns. Local Server is its final phase.
    Still if you need Internet access you will need a server on cloud -it could be yours not the publlic andruav server-.
    How do u guarantee that ANY  App including Andruav will not log info and broadcast it later whenever it finds Internet connection. I am willing to hear ideas... please share your thoughts .... 

  • I was playing around with Andruav this evening and it's pretty cool taking pictures with my phone and seeing the location and image on my desktop and tablet. 

    However, I'm wondering about Privacy and Control.  I get that you guys are still building and improving this system, but where does the data go?  When do you plan to have this ready for a commercial use where client privacy is a concern?

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