quadcopter moves up and down at a constant throttle

Hey guys,

I finally managed to fly my quad pretty stable when hovering after a long patience. It flies for about 10-12min with a 3300mah 4s 25C battery.

I am running Arducopter 3.0.1 rc7. when I tried to run for the first time, the compass which was working before did not work! it did not let me arm because of fail in pre-arm checks due to this compass sensor.

it shows that compass(internal) is bad( which before was not and also I didn't crash!).

so what I did was, I turned off the pre-arm checks and the compass and magnetometer. I am not using gps ( its just installed on the quad). I always fly in stab mode and I didn't try any other.

So the question begins with-

1) why is the internal compass not being detected?

2) what tuning parameter should I change to keep it on a certain level at a particular throttle value?

- when I fly it goes up, then after3-4 seconds keep descending itself.

3) compass and magnetometer are not required in stabilize mode, right?



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  • is the placing of GPS incorrect or something else?

    GPS is placed over the APM 2.5 on a carbonfiber plate , and ofcourse its insulated properly so as to prevent short circuiting.

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