Here is an interesting story about a photographer who uses his own homemade quadcopter to photograph images for clients.

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I've been following this guy's work for some time now, he's using an MK (you can see the red FlightCtrl V1.3 in the video, also stated in a number of interviews) that's (according to him) been modified to suit his needs better.

I personally believe that he's just flying a more-or-less stock MK with stock FPV gear and a custom camera mount, but cleverly making it sound like rocket science, which on one hand is good and smart for his business, but on the other makes it sound a little like "I did this all by myself" :-)
Hi Martin -

Thank you for the additional information. He talks about clients and services and he is fairly high profile flying and shooting video and stills, seems like he would get a lot of attention.
Yeah, I'm sure he's living the dream of many quad builders from these forums :-) and makes a honest living out of it. He's one of the pioneers of a brand new branch of AP.
It's fairly trivial to spend lots of money for mikrokopter & rangevideo parts & make a business. The investment is tax deductable & he can get massive economic stimulus grants as a small business. Doing it for a hobby is what kills people.

You can read more about the model copter AP business here: Not for the absolute beginner.
Thanks Jack. I thought you were not allowed to accept compensation for still or video images from a uav?

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