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Arduino fan working with an EasyStar to get video and stills. We have just added a co-pilot to our twin boom EasyStar. Right now I am working on a BlimpDuino.

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Doug Connell replied to Alex Funi's discussion Contour 1080p vs. GoPro HD Hero
"Alex -
Take a look at the Drift Innovation Stealth camera. I have 3 of them and use them on vehicles, planes and attached to poles. They work great.
Sep 28, 2011
Doug Connell commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post The Drift HD-170 POV camera as an on-board HD video camera?
"Robert -
I took that picture with the Drift HD170 but I did not have it set up for transmitting video. We have been doing some testing with output though and as I learn more I will certainly share. We have thought about interrupting
the signal to…"
Mar 14, 2011
Doug Connell commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post The Drift HD-170 POV camera as an on-board HD video camera?
"I have been using the camera for almost a year and the quality is awesome. It will be fun to follow your progress, good luck."
Mar 12, 2011
Doug Connell posted a photo
This was a test photo we did with our manually controlled twin EasyStar. Can't wait to get the Ardupilot and fpv rolling.
Sep 19, 2010
Doug Connell commented on jaron's blog post Who's on Twitter?
"Been on twitter for awhile now and it's great for kicking info out I am @dougconnell"
Sep 11, 2010
Doug Connell replied to DougB's discussion Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1
"I use a Flip HD but want to switch to something else too. I am trying to compare the Sony Webbie and the GoPro camera - both take stills and can shoot video and look really good. I just can't decide.

May 14, 2010
Doug Connell commented on Taylor Cox's blog post My UAV equipment is on it's way and I can't thank DIY drones enough for the help and support
"Sounds like a great plan I have been shooting video and pulling stills from a flip HD camera mounted on our easystar, we don't have an autopilot yet but hopefully soon. Will you keep us posted as to your progress and camera choice?
Apr 17, 2010
Doug Connell commented on Mike Bakula's blog post Webbie Test Flight
"Hi Mike -

Thanks for sharing, looks like a nice mount. I look forward to any results that you are willing to share using the Webbie. I use a flip with the magnetic lens attachment and we are still trying to figure out the best way to stabilize the…"
Jan 18, 2010
Doug Connell posted a discussion
Happy New Year Everyone -Does anyone know if it is possible to feed a fpv composite signal into and iPhone of iPod? I have done a bit of research but have not found any information on this subject.thanks,Doug
Dec 31, 2009
Doug Connell posted a discussion
Here is an interesting story about a photographer who uses his own homemade quadcopter to photograph images for clients.correct linkhttp://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,58379936001_1949970,00.html
Dec 29, 2009
Doug Connell replied to Toby Stein's discussion VholdR's CONTOUR HD Aerial Test
"Toby -

It looks like you have a pretty stable shot and nice perspective. Is it difficult to mount the camera and does the camera have any image stabilization built into to it? We fly the flip on an easy star and we are first adding a co-pilot and…"
Nov 26, 2009
Doug Connell replied to Doug Connell's discussion Sony Webbie with Magnetic Lens
"Here is a pic of the lens mounted on the flip. The 2 additional photos show the same scene with and without the lens. The lens increases the field of vision but looks like it might cut the f/stop by 1 stop and soften the image. When we are up in the…"
Nov 21, 2009
Doug Connell posted a discussion
Recently there was quite a bit of discussion about the Sony Webbie camera and the addition of the magnetic lens attachment. Has anyone had the chance to fly the Webbie with the lens. I use the flip and it seems to work pretty good with the lens…
Nov 21, 2009
Doug Connell posted photos
Nov 12, 2009
Doug Connell commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Sony Webbie on Easystar
"I have also acquired a magnetic lens system that I use it on my flip camera. I think I have increased the field of vision by about 35%. We don't have to go nearly as high and it seems to have helped in smoothing out the video a bit. Still not sure…"
Nov 12, 2009
Doug Connell left a comment for Jason Short
"jasonshort - thanks for sharing your experience. I have added lenses to the flip externally and they work ok, would you mind sharing your lens adaptation for the flip? I have been researching the ardupilot and trying to understand how it might work…"
Oct 12, 2009