Is the Sony Webbie still a good buy, or is there something better out there now?


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I use a Flip HD but want to switch to something else too. I am trying to compare the Sony Webbie and the GoPro camera - both take stills and can shoot video and look really good. I just can't decide.

I've looked at the GoPro and the new webbie "MHS-PM5". Not sure if I can get video for FPV out of them
Doug . you may want to read this review for PM5
Thanks Morli, looks like the PM5 is out as a choice.
Hi Doug, Sorry for being party popper :). I am using Toshiba P30 which has AV out and on board HD recording , so hoping this might be good idea. I Haven't flown it yet but ground tests are encouraging. Pls Keep us updated on your choice and how it goes. Cheers

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