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DIY Drones: @DIYDrones

DIY Drones members
Chris Anderson: @chr1sa
Doug Connell: @dougconnell
Garry Qualls: @garryqualls
Gary Mortimer@sUASnews
IKE: @erripman
Jaron: @jarontec
kevin kitchin: @kitchin01
Melih Karakelle: @flytron
Scott James: @MelbourneUAV

Sgt Ric: @Sgt_Ric

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  • Moderator

    This topic has not been out for a while, perhaps it should. Add your Twitter name and I will put it on the list.

  • I updated this blog post and all those of you who did put their Twitter account into the comment section should now be listed. Thanks!
  • I'm @simonech
    Not doing much at the moment, mainly trying to get my head around the arducopter and hopefully contribute in the future
  • Not much out of me. Just getting started, but I'm there @kitchin01.
  • We are here @MelbourneUAV
  • Developer
    I just LOVED the illustration!
  • nice idea:)

    This is my personal account: @erripman (it is ~94% in English) and this is the account of my technology related website @robotpig
  • @Simoso for me
  • Moderator
    I like the pic :)
  • Been on twitter for awhile now and it's great for kicking info out I am @dougconnell
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