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Feedback on new manuals

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Submit your ArduCopter configuration files here

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ArduCopter 2.3 released

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About Me:
I'm CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. I'm the former Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, author of The Long Tail (Hyperion, 2006), FREE (Hyperion, 2009) and Makers (Crown, 2012) and founder of GeekDad.com

You can find more about me at my About.me page here: http://about.me/andersonchris
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Fixed wing and quads. Mostly for fun and development. With kids as often as they allow!
Berkeley, California

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Andreas B. commented on Chris Anderson's blog post BlimpDuino home page
"It seems like the Blimpduino is no longer available. So to get the board, you need to make it on your own. You can find another open source airship with largely available components here:www.silent-runner.net"
3 hours ago

3D Robotics
Chris Anderson commented on Marc MERLIN's blog post How to use flaperons with APM::Plane
6 hours ago

3D Robotics
Chris Anderson commented on Marc MERLIN's blog post How to use flaperons with APM::Plane
"Impressive! Would you like to help add that to the wiki?"
6 hours ago
RG commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"What would be a good equipment for NDVI + IR + Regular photo all in one so that i do not have to fly again and again for same area"
12 hours ago
Jakob Schmidt commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"What camera would that be?"
13 hours ago
Md. Tanvir Alam Sifat commented on Chris Anderson's blog post BlimpDuino home page
"i want to know about the blimp source , i mean where i can buy 2M blimp and is it possible to buy whole blimpduino ? where ? i need one :(  I am from Bangladesh and the the items are not available here. if possible please give me a source…"
15 hours ago

3D Robotics
Chris Anderson replied to Scott Arko's discussion Released magic smoke from my IRIS+
"Please contact customer support: help@3drobotics.com"
Vega Tech Group LLC commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"GoPro's, again consumer grade cameras, not real good quality stuff, a bit over priced if you ask me for what you get. But hey, they have a marketing machine!! The Long Wave Infrared cameras would be excellent for firefighters, especially…"
Martin Bellomo commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Ok, now the problem is allmost the standard. I would say Vega is right, maybe you are reachiching the lifetime of your sensor."
MarioSpeedwagon commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Well if you have some recommendations for replacements <$1k, I'd love to look into all of them. I've been spending all afternoon looking at the adapted GoPros, JUST because I want something that is very durable. I'm not dealing…"
Vega Tech Group LLC commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"The camera doesn't have to cost $15K, unless you are doing something much more advanced, for example FOPEN. Many of these cameras are under $1000, the lenses $200-300 each. Filters are cheap any more, unless you like Semrock or some other…"
MarioSpeedwagon commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Vega, lets not forget the name of the website you're on right now. Most of us would go for a $15,000 camera if it was in our price range and wouldn't bother with modifying consumer grade sensors.  Hopefully I'll be able to…"
Vega Tech Group LLC commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"OK, you have to realize what you have there, a consumer grade camera with the cheapest of everything. A cheap grade 3 sensor with a lot of bad pixels, if it has a mechanical shutter, ditto for this too, as well the lens. I probably could carve out a…"
MarioSpeedwagon commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Well, took 3 shots and then all blank.  Even with CHDK disabled, not seeing anything through the viewfinder now. I think I'm going to have to bury the s100 in the backyard today. "
MarioSpeedwagon commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"I just don't get why it would start doing this after 40 flights and thousands of pictures if it was a settings/software issue. I've got the camera taking pictures on the desk right now, I'll let you know what the results look like,…"
Martin Bellomo commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"If the problem occurs after a some picture the problem may be that your buffer is full.The ISO must be fixed. if your camera must calculate iso for every picture it is a time and proccess consuming task, and this can generate illumination…"
MarioSpeedwagon commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"I did swap out SDcards and had no change, but I haven't let it run on the ground yet. 2 things I did notice yesterday when trying 4 more flights: The first 20-30 pictures are always normal-the problem starts after that. the blank shots all…"
Martin Bellomo commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Todd.The NDVI is a measurement of photosynthetic activity, and is a relative value. one isoleted value means allmost nothing. you must compare with another values on the same field.You also need field data to correlate your NDVI measurements with…"
Martin Bellomo commented on Chris Anderson's group Agricultural UAVs
"Do you make any tests ?ie. try same configuration withouth flying. on and off the airplane, low the shutter speed, change the memmory card, try a faster one. Do tests like this one at a time and see the results to find the source of the issue.As you…"
JITIN commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Autonomous parking with a DIY Arduino/Android RC car
"if i have to do the same ... wat should i do?? can uh help me out ?? "

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Chris Anderson's Blog

Flying Robot International Film Festival

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 4:04pm 1 Comment

From the great Eddie Codel, one of the first and best drone videographers, comes this!

The Flying Robot international Film Festival or FRiFF, is an open competitive film festival focused on aerial cinema created…


3DR Aero used to test delivery of blood samples

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 8:34pm 3 Comments

From Gizmag:

We’ve already heard about drones being used to deliver pharmaceuticals to patients in remote locations, but scientists from…


Facebook releases photos of internet-access drone

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 1:05pm 9 Comments

From the Verge:

Facebook's shallow V-shaped plane has the wingspan of a Boeing 737. But even fully loaded down with…


Pixhawk-powered solar plane sets new endurance record: 81 hours!

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 7:10am 27 Comments

Congrats to the ETH Autonomous Systems Lab for this milestone with a Pixhawk-powered fixed wing drone. Next stop: crossing the Atlantic! From the team:

Two weeks after having demonstrated …


Automatically spotting endangered chimpanzee nests by drone

Posted on July 25, 2015 at 7:07pm 2 Comments

Congrats to our friends at Conservation Drones, whose collaboration with International Union for Conservation for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Liverpool John Moores University on using computer vision to spot chimpanzee nests from the air (using APM-powered drones) has now been published in the …


Comment Wall (111 comments)

At 5:58pm on July 11, 2007, Jeffrey Johnson said…
Great talking to you today. We are on it with using your designs here, and look forward to dovetailing our efforts. Power to the PictEarth People!
At 10:13pm on January 2, 2008, Dhrumil said…
Thanks for setting this up.
At 12:12am on February 8, 2008, Mark L said…
Hey Chris,

I just read your post on UAVs and I'm wondering if there's anywhere that one could purchase a pre-made UAV...couldn't find one on ebay.
I run a network of websites, www.ballerhouse.com, and am considering featuring a UAV article. Can you point me in the direction of where someone could purchase one? If so, what other info should my readers know?
Mark L
At 12:17am on February 8, 2008,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson
The cheapest commercial one is around $7,000 (cropcam.com). The cheapest *good* one is around $10,000 (http://www.procerusuav.com/). That's why we started this site, to bring the price down below $1,000.

We're *DIY* Drones--buying one premade isn't the point ;-)
At 6:41pm on February 28, 2008,
William Premerlani
If you want to do a Q&A with me, that would be fine.

The reason for the board is that my son and I thought it would be fun to build our own board, develop theory, and write firmware. We were inspired by Maynard Hill, who came to town and gave a talk.
We got our feet wet with a rapid-prototyping board mounted on an RC truck, and then build our own board for a sailplane. We bought our parts from SparkFun. Nathan Seidle, the ownder of Sparkfun, asked me what we were doing, I told him, he offered to build a surface mount board for me.
My son and I spent a few delightful summers getting the firmware working. At the time, our goal was to play, to just do some interesting things with it, without any goal in mind. When we were done, we had something that worked to our satisfaction, Nathan asked if he could sell it, we gave him permission.
We recognized that what we had was not a full-fletched autopilot, but that it might be interesting to anyone wanting to tinker with the controller. They could build on our firmware, if they wanted, or start from stratch, if they were ambitious.
By the way, the main reason we used assembly language was that my son had never written any, and he wanted to learn. He had used lots of other languages, but not assembly.
As far as what people are doing with my board, you probably have more information than I have!! The only person I've talked to so far is a member of diydrones. All I know is that the board is selling well at SparkFun, with no complaints.
By the way, the reason the board has been backordered for so long is that the vendor of the GPS replaced their ET301 with an ET312 at the same time that SparkFun was automating their board production, resulting in some defective boards. Even after we worked out the hardware problems, there was a subtle change in the ET312 that caused some problems. Every board that SparkFun builds is tested with the full firmware running, and the boards were not passing. We finally figured out what was wrong, production is resumed, I guess they are catching up on backorders.
All of the work my son and I was deliberately done in a vacuum...we didn't do any research on what other people were doing. We made some mistakes (that was the point) and had some fun.
My background is an electrical engineer with strengths in control theory, mathematics, and theory of flight.
I work at GE's research labs, I've been there for 33 years.
You might want to do a Google on "William Premerlani" to see what I have been up to. Much of it has to do with software development...you gave me a good chuckle when you said in your review that you wondered why we hadn't used C...the answer is, it would have been too easy!!!
At 10:52pm on March 22, 2008, Elisa said…
any time if u like to have a wet dip & country village food, come over try our our boats,(planty of spcae for plane flys
At 6:02pm on March 26, 2008, T-Rex said…
I heard you on Talk of the Nation today...great job! I did not get to hear the whole show, but definately heard the part about your "robotics" site and 3-axis accelerometers. You, my friend, rock!

By the way, thanks for the advice about starting out in R/C with a foamie...else I would not have made it past my first flight attempts.
At 6:27pm on March 26, 2008,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson
Thanks! I wanted to say "3-axis MEMS accelerometer" but I held back for the sake of the NPR audience ;-)
At 10:44pm on April 4, 2008, Simon Pan said…
Hey Chris,

I won honorable mention, best in category, best in engineering, 550$, and an internship offer, at the state science & engineering fair. (The winners were a guy who did computer simulations of bird flu epidemics to determine the best method to distribute a limited supply of antivirals, a girl who developed an advanced, complex robotic vision algorithm which could detect blobs in foggy areas and high altitude ranges, and a guy who figured out a method to stem the growth of certain forms of cancer, so it was a humbling experience).

I just wanted to thank you for making this website and for your great documention and projects, because without them I'd probably still be trying to figure out how to connect the GPS receiver to the Stamp.


- Simon
At 8:26am on May 10, 2008, Huckleberry said…
Thanks Chris,

Been following along for some time (geekdad) and just bought a Blubberbot for something to do over the summer holidays... thinking about the project possibilities for my kids in electronics 11/12 ... hmmm blimp racing? Anyway, great to be here.

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