Quadcopter withour RC

Hello DIYforum.

I want to buy the ArduCopter set "3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit". Since I am new to this rc and drones business I have the following question that I could not figure out:

Is it possible to fly this drone without any RC? For my understanding, the 3DR module transmits the telemetic data and connects to the software "Mission Planner". With this setup it should be possible to fly this thing without a rc. Correct?


P.s. I am new to the forum and I hope besides my research I have not asked a silly question

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  • I did put myself the same question.

    Theoretically yes, you can fly.

    But for tuning is a must to have the radio, since the radio TX nudge (overwrite) all the inputs/outputs from APM.

    You can not tune without TX.

    And if you believe you are fine to fly (tuning is OK), if you loose the telemetry link (which is 10 time less than the TX range), you loose your model (except you have some failsafe, but but you need the TX in order to test the failsafe).

    TX would give you the option to anihilate any commands from APM, it other words, TX is the master and APM is the slave.

    There are many other pro for having the TX.

    I would not try, even I have many hours of flying and when I do a full Auto for 12min, I don't touch the TX. But I would never fly without the TX.

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