450 frame
3506 360kv motors
Pixhawk 2
10*4.5 propellors
2200mah 3S 25C wolfpack battery
20 amp wolfpack ESC
Avionics RCB 6i TxRx-6 channel

This is my first build. I bought these motors thinking low KV will give me lots of thrust and longer flight time. I have to lift a payload of around 500g.

Calibrated transmitter and ESCs by following the instructions on the pixhawk documentation pages. Ensured that all propellors are spinning in the right directions with the right kind of propellors. 2 CC and 2 CCW. Total weight approximated 1KG (I do not have a scale right now. I compared with another bag of 1kg).
Given the motors I hoped it would easily lift off the ground. It didnt! even on 100% throttle.
I dont exactly know what I have chosen wrong. My first guess is that the prop size is too small, or the battery has to be either a 4S or 6S of higher mah.

I have two batteries(2200mah 3S 25C). Can I safely use them together at the same time?

Please help

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I like to dry-lab before the build using eCalc.

Thank you! I wonder why this was not mentioned in any of the sites giving information on building a multirotor drones.

Glenn Hollowell said:

I like to dry-lab before the build using eCalc.

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