QuadraCopter ESC question

So I finally put my ArduCopter together and started the programming and got to the point of arming the ESC's.  I went through them all and then checked to see if they were all in sync and one was not running.  After hours of testing I finally checked the voltage reading coming out of the ESC for the one that is not working and discovered that the signal channel is giving off the same current as the positive lead.  This leads me to believe that the ESC is no good.  I verified this by plugging a different ESC into the motor that wasn't running and viola, it runs.


So my question is this.  The ESC's on the Quadracopter look like they are 25A.  I don't have any spare 25A ESC's but do have a 30A ESC.  Would it be ok to use the 30A with the others being 25A?



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    I think that should be fine as long as they're the same make (and thus presumably have the same response curve). The important thing is the RPM, not the current.

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