I would like to team up with someone to build some quadrotors. I don't have much programming experience and would like to help someone build their quadrotor in exchange for programming help. I love the draganflyer but can't afford something like that. Would like to build something similar for less money.

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    Try this website: http://aeroquad.info/bin/view

    I am building a "stand design" quadrarotor and a Rad Rotary Rev 7 quadrarotor model.

  • Did you ever get teamed up with anyone?
  • The main issues I'm having is finding propellers for quad rotors & balancing the thrust. You have to mail order EPP1045 props. They're special, extremely fragile, counter rotating propellers for a quad rotor & they have to be matched pairs or you'll have a bad day.

    T-Rex 450's:

    Local hobby shops have everything. No UPS waits.
    Really compact.
    15 min flight times with 8oz of autopilot gear.
    $100/hour in replacement parts. You could fly a full size R22 for less than an autonomous T-Rex 450.
    Very noisy.
    Hard takeoffs & landings.

    Quad rotors:
    $10/hour in replacement parts so far.
    Extremely quiet.
    10 minute flight times with 8oz autopilot.
    Freakishly sensitive to center of gravity & propeller balance compared to single rotors.
    If anything is unbalanced, the heaviest corner zaps the battery instantly & sends you flipping down.
    Easy takeoffs & landings.
  • Look up the Quaduino thread on RC Groups-Helicopter-Multirotor(www.rcgroups.com) This is a very informative thread and quite long with a very large amount of data and information using the Arduino platform.

    I am currently designing a TriDuino with three rotors using collective pitch to control the machine instead of throttle control. It will also have a single motor turning all three of the rotors. The theory is that it is much easier to control a single motor instead of trying to control three motors identically. The collective pitch changes should be instantaneous without having to wait for the motors to speed up or slow down(latency) and besides the collective should assist in flying in other than dead calm conditions. A fixed pitch helicopter is much harder to hold steady overall than a collective pitch helicopter due to the motor latency factor especially in a breeze or wind. This will be aimed at being used as a stable camera platform for imaging.

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