Query about APM?

Hello!I want to use APM 2.0 for my quadcopter but i want to get it from hobbyking , as i dont have enough budget to get the original one from 3drobotics but it read in a post that the official 3D Robotics APM 2.0 board has a unique signature and the Mission planner will look for that. Other people can make their own APM 2.0 boards, but the official MP will probably not support them, is that so, if i get one from any other company besides 3drobotics i won't be able to download firmware or use MP?

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  • There is no secret 3DR code that will prevent you from loading firmware. I think you mean APM 2.5.2, since APM 2.5 is no longer produced by anyone.
  • Enya, as far as I know, you can use boards from other manufacturers.

    However, there has been many complaints on this forum from people buying different boards. and then having mechanical/assembly problems on that specific board.

    Ar least, 3DR has much better support than most of the "other" suppliers.

    But I see your dilemma, I buy 3DR, but it is somewhat pricier than HK........

    And if you run into problems with the HK board, you might not get much support on these forums.


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