Thanks to all in advance for Help

Trying to setup up an APM 2.8 board, GPS, external compass quadcopter firmware V3.2.1 with a Flysky FS-T6 transmitter and Flysky FSR6B receiver.

I am using the 4 position switch mix that a gentleman posted on this board for the FS-T6. I have calibrated radio, acell, compass, so on in mission planner, all good. When I use mission planner to set up 4 different flight modes from the FS-T6 switches I get the correct different hrz reading in the flight mode column all is correct, the flight modes change with the switch positions on the radio.

Problem is when I take it out and fly the quad, it flies well in first setting (Stablize) but as soon as I flip one of the assigned flight  mode switches (Pos Hold, Loiter, or RTL the quad goes crazy taking off in one direction or another, sometimes there is no controlling it even with the switch turned back off?

 I have tried standard parameters Throttle Mid Position adjustments but no help (I had another Flysky radio I had to set Throttle Mid Position to 400 from the default 500 to get switches to be recognized on another quad with a different APM.)

sorry if this has been asked before,but I did not find it.

Appreciate any help, or suggestions

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  • Diagnosing problems using Logs

    Diagnosing problems using Logs — Copter documentation
    • Thanks again Mike

      Is there a certain part of the data log I should look at to find the problems I am having with the Flysky fs-t6?

      • Depending on which GCS you are using, there is log analysis available that highlight faults or anomalies.

        When you graph the messages will appear which may indicate errors.

        Usually when setting up the first mode I check is Alt Hold which will highlight problems with vibration amongst other things.

        This is always before attempting Loiter, which will test how the GPS is working.

        Are you making sure you have good GPS lock before attempting Loiter?

        • Mike , yes GPS lock , it seems I can select  any flight mode in mission planner (alt hold) and the display changes with switch movement. When in the field, gps lock, armed, flying OK in stableize, flip any switch and it goes crazy and flies off where it wants to. Sometimes flipping the switch back regains control  and sometimes not?


          • Logs?

            • Mike
              Sorry, have not had time recently, replacing A coil in furnace for AC
              Can I contact you when I get more time?
              • Mike

                I hope you are still willing to look at these log files, also I hope I have uploaded the correct files. I did not know which data log file you needed, so I put all of them into a .rar file. Sorry for trouble, I did not know how else to go about this.


                Is there a certain number data log file I could upload that would make is easier for you, also do you need .bin or log file

                Thanks again  

  • For anyone to determine what might be the problem you will need to post a DataFlash log of the flight from your APM.

    • Thanks for reply, problem is I have never used the data flash log, I will have to try to  learn how to use it.

      How would this log tell me what the problem is?

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