Questions about "Auto" mode

Today I tried out "auto" mode after making sure that everything else works well (alt hold, position hold, loiter, land, RTL).  Auto works wonderful with a couple of small issues:

  - First, if the quadcopter is at rest on the ground (armed, but propellers not spinning), and I flip it in auto mode, the propellers do not start. They are stopped and the quad just sits there waiting for something. If I give it a little throttle from the RC Transmitter (I believe while still in auto mode), it suddenly jumps into action and rockets up to the takeoff altitude. First question - is it a way to avoid the need for the throttle kick from the RC transmitter?

 - Second, when the throttle kicks in (i.e., "auto" takes control) it kicks very abruptly - like it has a lot of pent-up frustration (I was supposed to be 10 feet up!) - so much so as once it flipped on take-off. Second question: is there any way to make it take off gradually rather than jumping like crazy when it kicks in?

Finally, is there a way to arm the autopilot remotely? Is there a mavlink command that would do that? My eventual goal is to fly the copter without input from the RC transmitter.

BTW, it was pretty cool seeing the quad going through the waypoints!

Thanks again for your help!


PS - I initially posted in the wrong forum - I do believe that I have the 3.X ardupilot (on APM 2.6).

Also, if I look at the logs every once in a while there are values that are WAY OFF - GPS jumping from North America to Africa and back, z accelerations from -1g to 83g and back, etc. Is this a logging problem? I didn't notice any twitch or signs or instability.

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    Which version of firmware are you running? GPS jumps all around the world when it first starts to get a lock. This is normal and should settle down and stop when it gets enough sats to pinpoint its position. The GPS lock outside is better then indoors. Sometimes indoors might never get a lock if the GPS unit can't lock onto enough sats.
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