AutonomouStuff, a leader in supplying perception products, has just released another innovative RADAR product from SMS (Smart Microwave Sensors).  SMS, a global leader in developing RADAR technology, has developed a new radar specifically optimized for airborne altimeter applications.


Its compact size (160g), long range (500m), unbreakable design (intensely tested), and low costs makes it a perfect solution for precisely measuring height (precision airdrops) and speed for large and small aircrafts.  Besides providing extremely accurate measurement data, the airborne radar can also be used for warning systems including: Tail rotor proximity warning, Tail strike warning, Collision Warning, and Helipad surveillance.  There are several antenna patterns available to help optimize the desired FOV.


Visit for additional information on the latest SMS airborne RADAR or simply send an e-mail to



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Can we integrate it with pixhawk flight controller?

Hi, could this be adapted to sweep ? and price ballpark



I've learned that a company that doesn't publically disclose their pricing means it's a company that is trying to charge me a lot more then they should be.

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