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Jonathan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post More powerful Pixhawk 3 coming soon
"For the price Drotek is asking,  I will buy another pixhawk 2.1"
Apr 27, 2017
Jonathan commented on SkyDrone.aero's blog post Sky Drone FPV 2 - Long Range 1080p FPV Video + Command & Control - now available for USD 299.-
"Has the XU4 inside?  Might be able to run some of your flight control software on this."
Apr 21, 2017
Jonathan commented on Kieran's blog post Using APSync to Build a Long Range Digital Video Link
"How much does the development kit cost for the microhard radio?  "
Apr 15, 2017
Jonathan replied to William Losch's discussion Pixhawk Flight Controller
"I'm not sure an original is so much more expensive then a brand new one..

I understand 3DR doesn't produce them anymore but there are other people still making them to official specs."
Apr 8, 2017
Jonathan replied to Paulius V.'s discussion New NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Carrier board - PIXEVIA
"I doubt I could afford what you are going to ask for it,  but it looks really nice.  I use a Pixhawk 2.1 with Edison.  This would be the next logical jump up. 

It would be perfect for me if it integrated an LTE modem,  and GPS.   Are these…"
Apr 1, 2017
Jonathan replied to Robert Hambrick's discussion RADAR/LIDAR Altimeter Products
"I've learned that a company that doesn't publically disclose their pricing means it's a company that is trying to charge me a lot more then they should be."
Mar 27, 2017
Jonathan replied to MikeRover's discussion More info on Here GPS? in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"They are U-blox receivers,  and HERE is made by Hex Aero and ProficNC (the makers of Pixhawk).  I think they are just reference designs of Ublox with the Pixhawk I2C connector type..  They are known to be some of the best receivers in their form…"
Feb 27, 2017
Jonathan replied to Evan Palmer's discussion Turnigy Trust 70A ESC Issues in ArduPlane User Group
"Can you show a wiring diagram and include what motors you are running?"
Feb 21, 2017
Jonathan commented on elad orbach's blog post A real flying submarine drone
"Slow day on DIYDrones?  Nice 3D animation,  must of took all of an hour to make."
Feb 18, 2017
Jonathan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Microsoft releases AirSim, an Unreal-based simulator for Pixhawk
"Intel Edison,  Windows 10 IOT please."
Feb 17, 2017