I have a 3Drobotics Y6 copter with Pixhawk.

I am relatively newbie to quads. This is my first big drone.

I am done with assembling the hardware and while calibrating the hardware in Mission Planer 1.2.93 i encountered issues with Radio Calibration. Everything else calibrated properly.

I have a FlySky FS-TH9X transmitter and a FlySky FS-R8B 8 channel 2.4GHz receiver.

The transmitter is bound to the receiver, i can drive servos with it.

The receiver is getting power from the Power distribution board and the receiver's channel 1 is connected to Pixhawk RC IN.

The Pixhawk Main Out Signal pins are connected to the Power distribution board Motor outputs (six colorful wires).

Does my receiver support PPM? Do i need a PPM converter?

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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In the meantime I tried three different receivers all binded to the transmitter and working with servos on the individual channels.

Than I installed APM Planer on my Mac too. I Installed the Firmware again and tried to Calibrate the RC when i start the calibration the green levels show up on the grey bars for a flash second than they are empty and all the values are 0 on the end of the calibration.

My transmitter signal pin outputs a voltage between 0.29 and 0.34 V.

Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, I needed PPM converter between the Pixhawk and the FlySky FS-R8B 8 channel 2.4GHz receiver.

Hi Attila,

I have the same setup and have been experiencing the same issues. Is fitting the PPM converter fairly simple? I presume you attach the 3 pin end to the R/C on the pixhawk and the corresponding channel numbered pins to the pixhawk.


Yes, that's correct.

I just bought the 3DR DIY Quad with a FS-TH9X radio and a FS-R8B receiver. The assembly went well althe way up to the Radio calibration. When I got to the cal screen nothing happens, no green or red bars. I have bound the tx and RX, but no change. The Tx is set to Aero and PPM.
Do I need a converter? It sounds like this was the fix for you. Why is a PPM converter nessisary is the radio is PPM?

 I did check and you do need a converter...when you get one did press the arm button before trying to calibrate  I spent ages with this issue until I read a post some where.

I cannot get my PPM converter to work.

I have followed the videos but no luck


this is the converter I am using with my FS-R8B

I've tested hitting the arm button prior to calibration and this does not seem to have any effect

I just converted my quad to a rover after a couple years and now i have this problem again.

Can not remember the solution....?

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