hello to all .) i want to share a scheme for a propulsion system using nothing but electromagnets and high voltage capacitor. to build it, one needs high voltage power supply (100kV or more) that should have 3 outputs, each having it's own frequency and voltage control. coils are fed separately with high voltage, high frequency (~160kHz) pulsed dc current. estimated cost (without power supply) ~ 100$. this device is similar to what some would call anti-gravity, but it is in fact supposed to produce artificial gravity field which is off phase with earths gravititational field. i am looking for someone with equippment willing to build and experiment on this device for the benefit of mankind.

before i conntinue, first i want to clearify that einsteins model of graivty is wrong. gravity is not a curvature of space-time, but a field of a "cold magnetic force" as explained to james churchward (author on books about Mu) by wise indian rishi and confirmed by various ET contactees later. it is a scalar wave of a very short wavelength (post gamma) that emanates from the cold magnetic core of earths central magnet. it is the vertical component of magnetism that radiates perpendicular to electromagnetic field at 64c. now, what is important is that the key to producing artificial gravity is crossing of high frequency pulsed magnetic field and high tension electric field as discovered by dr gennady f. ignatyev and further researched by dr john r. brandenburg who published a paper explaining the relation of poynting vector (carrier of em energy) and gravity. dr. gennady in 1996 reported gravity-like field of up to 60N with input of 10kW. his device consisted of two crossed solenoids with toroid high voltage capacitors on each end, fed with current phase shifted by 90°. based on his work and many others i came up with a concept of RAMA1. it is in fact a very simple device consisting of a assymetircal capacitor and two counterrotating electromagnets. this is a list of parts needed to build the device:

- copper plate (base)
- plexiglass cylinder (axis)
- few dozen layers of thin electrodes and high k insulator plates
- 2 iron rings (electromagnet core)
- 2 aluminum crosses (fixture for electromagnet)
- 2 ball bearings
- 2 belts
- few dozen meters of copper wire
- 2 brushless motors
- hemispherical chunk of graphite (+ electrode)

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What's up with the Nazi logo on the top third of the cylinder?  Other than that, I'm lost on the technical gobley-gook, and I'm an electrical engineer (tongue in cheek, no flames meant).  Guess that's why I got a "D" in my Physics 401 course.

it has nothing to do with nazis, although, technologically speaking, they deserve all the credit in my book. i don't know if you are familiar with secret development of the nazis prior to and during the WW2. i did an extensive resarch and there are more than strong indications they did, indeed, build and operate functional spaceships based on revolutionary propulsion methods like the one suggest above. but, the swastika is an ancient symbol that represents the universial spiraling motion of all things. this particular one is a hindu swastika which also represents good being. moreover, the name RAMA1 is a hommage to Rama Empire of the 7 Rishi cities that was alegedlly a highly advanced society that thrived in the area of northern india some fifteen thousand years ago.

Where do the little green men sit?

firstly, most of the ET's look exactly like us, they are not "little green men", secondly, this is a drone so it is not manned. if it would be scaled up, pilots crew would be in the dome as seen in the little image in the bottom right.

If you want to come up with a RAMA1 poynting vector drive that magically creates gravity using magnets, then you should 

1. Go to college and study physics

2. Go to graduate school and get a PhD in physics

3. Write legitimate and supported research papers about how every other legitimate and respected physics researcher is wrong

4. Design and build a prototype of your magnetic gravity machine

5. Come back and say 'hey I have a engine that can make gravity with magnets, lets put it on a drone'.

In the meantime, maybe link us to these papers on magnetic gravity. Maybe take the swastika off your prototype, or maybe tell me what a scalar wave is... using math and physics, not pseudoscience. Hint: you can't, because it doesn't exist in nature. 

The soviet union called looking for Capt Ramius.  They want their submarine back...

really? so i could become a brainwashed moron like you, right? son, if you had a fraction of my knowledge and understanding, your confused brains would evaporate like a dew in the morning sun.

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