Random twitches in stabilize mode.


I am trying to learn the ropes of the Ardupilot. During my first flights in stabilize and alt hold modes I had everything going very well. Only thing that troubles me is that occasionally my quad-copter has a single Twitch.  It does not seem to be due to external factors or RC input since it can happen when I am not touching any controls on the RC. At the same time my motors are not behaving weirdly when throttle is off but at some throttle it can happen on the ground as well. 

I am flying with apm 2.5 using AC 2.8.1 firmware, Mikrokopter ESC with PPM input and Futaba PCM1024Z remote.

Has anyone else seen the quad-copter flying very nicely except for the random twiching?

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  • T3

    Do you have logs of your flights?  My 3DR Hexcopter started doing a similiar twitching earlier this week.  I looked at the logs and all motors were randomly pulstating at varying times.  This happend in flight and on the ground just spinning the motors. 

    I posted a similiar question and the responds was possibly radio interference or a bad throttle connection.


    I plan to break down my Hex and check all connections.


  • Ive been running into a similar if not worst problem. The copter was flying like a boss for weeks and then all of a sudden started having stability problems. First small glitches but then full on front flips and corkscrewed into the ground.

    Ive posted a similar question to the community with flight data but no one has attempted to help troubleshoot the issue..


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