Hi Guys,

I thought to get a new forum rolling for this topic. People have touched upon it in some forums. 


1. Streaming real-time camera images from Raspberry PI on the Arducopter

2. WiFi support of data from Rasp PI

3. User extension to RaspPI (i.e. user can interface say a camera of his choice and can read other interesting data (say, interfaced sensors) on the Mission Planner.

4. Encoding of camera images on the RaspPi and send to ground station. (Windows support too).

People, could you please share your inputs on usage/experience with Raspberry PI with the APM/ Arducopter?


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Hi Shyam 

A group of folks at the The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) are working on something like that but adding the capability to acquire and fuse near-IR and visible images to make NDVI and near-IR color composites: http://publiclaboratory.org/wiki/ircam

You can join the discussion.


Hi Ned,

Thanks for that. I went through the link you have sent. It does seem they are trying something there.

My question is specific to Arducopter, is there some work done with interfacing PI with it? Also, how about Mission Planner support with WiFi? I saw @Chris, mentioning that something with PI is on its way to release sometime. Can someone point to what would that be?


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