I have an RC Graupner MX-20 Hott with GR-24. how can I connect the telemetry on the GR-24 to receive it?

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Hi Andrea,

I have been looking into this as well and I have found two forum links that work on this issue:

http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php/281496-Graupner-HoTT-... (in German)

http://forums.openpilot.org/topic/7282-free-transmission-of-telemet... (in English)

This discussion comes with a word document that contains quite a bit of info on the HOTT protocol (thanks to Andre-K. Bits in German as well - let me know if you would like anything translated).

I find the idea of displaying Ardu data over HOTT very neat:

  1. free data link (if you own a HOTT remote)
  2. no interference between other devices
  3. less hardware clutter at fly site

Unfortunately, my Ardu skills are practically nonexistent, it looks easy enough for the MK (see: http://svn.mikrokopter.de/filedetails.php?repname=FlightCtrl&pa...)

Maybe someone on this forum can help...




thanks Alex
I get right to study the documentation and read the post
soon for updates

That would be amazing... i've just bought a MX-16...

Has any of you managed mixing 2 switches in order to get 6 flight modes on your Graupner ? My attempts have been unsuccessful until now :/


Just got my MX-20, would be interested, too. Working myself through the manual right now, but I think because of my lack of RC knowledge about that whole mixing stuff I won't be able to figure it out myself. So anyone else with a Graupner remote?

Hi Thomas, I got it working well with 6 modes using 3 and 2 positions switch... later on I'll post a how-to on the blog... i've got to make pictures of the settings on the Tx... I'll try to take some time to do this tomorrow. Cheers.

Thanks to all

@ colin

I look forward to your explanations

Would be great! Thanks in advance!

Any Update on this?

Andrea, Thomas... This week end it's done... i want to take some pictures of the Tx screen in order to make the procedure clear for everyone... ;-)

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