Re-Load custom PID's for every flight?

Using MP .084 and / 2.0.49 is it necessary to create a custom file for PID settings and re-load for every flight or should the APM "hold" the changed PID's? For example, if I change loiter P to .48 from the standard .499 it doesn't appear that my new value of .48 is retained if I disconnect from the mission planner and then reconnect. It always seems to appear to re-start the session with the default Loiter P of .499... (using XBee's to connect)...

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  • Moderator

    Silly question: are you clicking "upload parameters" after changing your values? I have to ask.  :)

  • Developer

    49 added two new parameters so I revved the EEPROM fingerprint. This erased your settings. Sorry about that. We're almost stabilized now so I think this is the last EEPROM rev before release.


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