Reading CAM messages from Log files to use "Geo ref Images"


I'm trying to use the Geo Ref Images tool to geotag my aerial photos with lat, long, ele. I'm using a Pixhawk with a Canon S100 and CHDK.

I set the mission with Set Cam Trigg Dist and make a Survey Grid.

At the end of the mission I have 464 Photos. But when I read the .log file with the Geo Ref Images I end up having 546 Cam Messages.

What could be the problem? Is the autopilot trying to shoot pictures more fast than what the camera can make? Or is it an error of the pixhawk?

I checked the log and found there's a lot of Cam Messages like separated by 0.4 or 0.6 segs between them. That can't be right.

Please help, thanks in advance.

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    • I know this is an old thread, but for the benefit of others facing the same problem who stumble upon it...

      It sounds likely that the mission you've designed is asking the camera to trigger faster then it is capable of doing. When designing a mission, you should keep an eye on the camera triggering rates specified in the MP; it might be necessary to do something like reduce the flying speed or amount of forelap to bring the triggering frequency down to something that your camera can handle.

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