Reading distance from SRF05 range finder

I am currently able to read distance from the SRF05 range finder. However I faced a problem when the sensor is detecting distance of more than the maximum range which is 4metre. When this happen I will get a negative value. Is there a way to limit the value so that even when the distance sense is more than 4metre, the output value will be a positive value larger than 4metre and not a negative value.

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  • Negative value?


    Uh, sounds like you might've messed up somewhere with the variable declarations. Sonar output should be unsigned.... You may be getting an overflow?


    The SRF sensors output a large PW if a target is out of range or if the target is too close (because it doesn't detect a ping in the time that its ready), so it might be better to call the value as "out of range" instead of "its over 4m."


    Hope that helps...

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Aug 25