Fixed my pdb problem and everything, all the motors arm and run all right at the exception of motor 1.

Motor 1 seems too be at least 20% slower than the other 3.

I have re calibrated manually and automatically 3 or 4 times. 

This is absurd.

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  • I completely agree with you
  • I can confirm that the APM is realizing the quad is not stabilized, though it doesn't look like its making any effort to correct itself.

    at 0-40% throttle the quad drops motor one by 15 - 30 degrees

    at 41-60% throttle the quad is more or less stable

    at 61-100% throttle the qaud drops motor one by 15-30 degrees again

  • On some motors, the shaft sticks out the bottom by a mm or so.  Check that it's not binding on the motor mount.

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