rear left motors (number 2) lift when Yawing


I am not sure if this is hardware or software or a param. I thought it must be hardware,but I replaced/swapped around motors and esc on number 1 and 2 arm.  I think it just started, if not then I didn't notice it before but it is hard to believe. I made some videos of whar ir is doing. there are 3 videos, sorry for the quality. I am running ver 3.2-rc5 but it started while using rc4.

what happens is when I yaw (in the videos the copter is in loiter) the number 2 motor lifts, sounds like it reves up too much. if I keep yawing it pretty much levels out.

here are the videos (the beeping is a bad battery cell but this happens with good battery too)

I also attached the log for these flights in the videos

thanks for any help, this one is really driving me crazy


2014-08-17 16-22-17.log

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  • Are you using round carbon tubes? i also recommend to check all motors are fully vertical

    Or try to rotate 1.5 or 2 degrees in this directions3701809159?profile=original

    • Hi,

      that seemed to do it. I found one motor had moved a little, very small amount, I re-leveled it and the effect is very small now, it is still there but not near as bad as in the videos. The motor mounts I have are for tubes but also need a hole drilled vertically through the tube to tighten the mount and assure it is level, I needed longer tubes so I tried to make my own, I cannot believe how hard it is to drill holes 90 degrees to each other in a tube (other end need a horizontal hole  where it mounts to the main body)  I got it close but no cigar, so I had to widen the holes on one end to get it level then tighten the tube very tight to hold it but it will still move.

      as far as rotating them, I cant do it with these mounts without drilling more holes...

      I guess if I buy a small drill press and some kind of vice for it I can maybe get the holes drilled correctly. I had even emailed many machine shops locally to see if I could get this done, all said they could not do it except one who said they were not interested in doing it.



    • Hi,

      I will check that again, it is using round CF tubes and I replaced the ones that came with it with some longer ones which means I had to drill or try to drill the holes 90 degrees from each other on either end which I found was almost impossible with the tools I have. but I have leveled it (the motor mounts) and tried t get them perfect but they may have moved. and since this seems to have happened during a flight, I will check.    thanks!

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