I think it would be helpful to those who follow along in the future if we were to list out our hardware for comparison and tuning.  It would give newbs a place to work from in terms of design, expectations and PID tuning.

Data to include: type of copter, autopilot type, Motors, Props, ESC's, Battery,  Frame diameter, Transmitter /receiver, Usual home altitude, Accessories onboard (sonar, flow sensor, telemetry, LED's, camera ...) and of course, PID's that work well for this airframe.  Be technical and specific.

Adding a pic or two of our copters would be helpful too... 

Maybe the xCalc data about the copter and comparison to actual payload and flight times...

After we have a bunch of data, maybe it could be turned into a table/ database to make it searchable on the wiki, and easy to read and compare what works and what doesn't.

And yeah, its a chance to show off and share all of our hard work and great ideas.

If this information has already been compiled, I haven't found it-  can someone please point me to it?

Anyone have any input on this idea?

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My copter: 

550mm diameter flying robot quadcopter frame in X config

APM1.4 with mag, Mediatek GPS and sonar

3536 750kv motors turning 11x7 three-blade Master Airscrew props with Proton 30a ESC's

2s 800mah electronics battery, 4s 5000mah flight battery

FlySky 2.4ghz 9x transmitter / receiver set, Xbee 900mhz telemetry set

Small 5Mp camera on servo controlled front mount, 5 white LEDs in between rear motors, red LED on right front motor, green LED on left front motor

I fly at 2480m ASL and my PIDs are questionable at best- still tuning...

xCalc says I should get a 23 minute hover- actual seems to be 12 to 15 minutes of flight time.

Liftoff/ hover occurs at 45% throttle


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