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After having a good flight today at a local castle ruin(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WtqkxcQ5gk). I as always checked my quad over for any problems. All the usual things like loose screws, connections etc.  When I got to my propellers I was horrified to find three small cracks near the hub on one of the propellers.  This would almost certainly broke on the next flight and could have ended in a wreck.

I always do post flight checks but will now be extending them to pre/post checks.  The blades that I use are the coloured plastic type and have never crashed or been in contact with anything whilst spinning, except for the odd fly/bee.

Strangely on my previous flight I did have a large Bee hit that same blade and the impact was hard enough for the camera to see and pick up the impact sound. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGXkZTazMKs)  I did do my usual checks after that flight but did not spot any problems.

Remember 5 minutes spent checking the blades could save you $$££



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Tell me about it. On my last flight, lost half a blade.  Vibrations was so severe the aluminium arm snapped and she crashed down. Landing gear destroyed. Camera Gimbal destroyed. Camera destroyed. Rebuild and now it appears one of the ESC's destroyed. Exepnsive failure.  Have had three failures all prop related! Not a happy camera!!

Have you got it going now? Another check I need to observe is which connection I stick 12v on with the jd-ioboard. Wiped out the jd-ioboard, MinimOSD and the USB on the APM. :(

Not yet. Am re-thinking my strategy.  I first built the Jdrones copter.  But now have seen a number of weaknesses in the mechanical design and am questioning myself on why I should keep doing rebuilds/repairs to a base design I am now not happy with.  Actually thinking of going Hexa now.  Would really like to do some aerial photo etc. as I live in a beautiful small seaside town in Thailand and absolutely nobody around here has seen these before.  What is your opinion on the various Hexa makers out there??  DJI, Steadidrone, 3DR....  Would love to get other viewpoint.

I think we need to get this thread moved before we get accused of Thread Jacking although I don't know how.

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