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I have succesfully made a geo-fence for the first time. Now i want to remove it.... But how do i delete the geo-fence uploaded to my APM2.5 ??

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Anyone??? :)

I think we have the option for it in Mission Planner -> Software Tab?

Bump. I can't figure this out either. Where is the Software Tab?


My fix is not the ideal way but it appears to work. I go into the "Full Parameter List", then edit the "FENCE_TOTAL" number and set it to 0, then press "Write Params". The geofence still appears on the mission planner but if you press try to download the current geofence (right click > geofence > download), Mission Planner reports that there is nothing to download. Like I said, you can still see the geofence in Mission Planner, but the autopilot will not recognize it. I was also having issues uploading a new geofence. In order to upload a new one, I go into the "Full Parameter List", then edit the "FENCE_ACTION" and set the value to zero. I then create a new geo-fence. When you press "Upload", the old fence will clear away. Then I go into "FENCE_ACTION" and set it back to 1,2, or 3, depending on which option I want. You can double check that the APM is using the correct fence by going into (right click > geofence > download) and making sure you still see the geo fence you want.


I'm having problems with Geo Fence.

When I'm in a mission the hex will often fence breach at the first waypoint and then RTL. Sometimes it will make it past the first waypoint to fence breach later in the mission.

I set the breach limit to 800m distance and 140m altitude, to make sure I don't go past the fence and I still get the message and the systems still RTLs.

I've added the graphs from the Telemetry Logs (Altitude in GLOBAL POS & GPS_RAW_INT) and the .kmz file of the flight.

Altitude log files show a spike in altitude right before Fence Breach, but I didn't see any spikes in altitude and the .kmz file confirms this.

What's going on and how can I keep this from happening? It's very important that stop this from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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