Has anyone removed the shield to allow remote location (for traditional heli)?

Looks like it's possible to desolder the 6 pins (actually only 4 are soldered), and make an extension harness.

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Hi Dale,

The APM2 is not designed for the shield to be removed, and we do not recommend attempting to un-solder the shield. In the future, we will offer different options for the shield (check out Jordi's blog post here).

Our guy here at the store used a reflow gun to remove the shield from one of our test boards, but he does not recommend attempting this, and using a heat gun can be risky with the small components so near to the soldered pins. The ground pins are especially difficult to melt the solder and can take quite some time to heat up. If you and a friend have soldering irons, you can ask your friend to help you: If you cut the two pins underneath the shield on the side of the shield that are exposed, then you will only have the two pins on the other side of the shield to un-solder. Then you and your friend can try heating both pins up at the same time using two soldering irons and lift the shield off.

Please be aware that if you choose to unsolder the shield or modify the board in any way, it will no longer be covered under our warranty (please see our terms of use).

Hi Tech Support,  thanks! 

True diy spirit I think,  "it's not recommended and of course violates warranty, and here's how you might try it."


Did you end up removing the shield?  Any tips?  I fully understand this would be at my own risk.

The length of cables on my quad only allow the APM2 to sit on the bottom layer of my central electronics stack.  I'd rather have a clear view of the sky for the GPS by remotely positioning the shield at the top.

No I didn't yet, sorry.  I was looking at where to get the smaller pitch connector, might have something in the junk pile.


I've chickened out and moved the receiver, Xbee and MinomOSD from being over the APM2 board to various arms.  Not an option for you with your heli I guess.

Best of luck with your setup.



Just a thought on sourcing the header pins.  I'm not at home so can't measure the pitch required but the following link is close and there are plenty more to choose from on the site.  A better approach may be to ask DIY Drones, they seem a very helpful bunch. 


Hi Dale,

If you need more information about the connector, please contact tech support at help@3drobotics.com

I don't know if I'm the only one this applies to, but when I read the blog post, I definitely came away with the impression that the daughterboard could be disconnected by the end user, in the same way that one might disconnect a shield from an arduino. Certainly, I've never come across a 'daughterboard' which wasn't removable by design. IMO the blog post should be updated - although there's nothing in it that explicitly states it can be removed (eg, for putting on the end of a ribbon cable), in the current open hardware climate with shields and modules galore, it would be very easy to assume it could be removed. 

Hi 3Drobotics Team,
   If future do you plan to provide just the daughter board - GPS. So people who want to use external GPS can just buy a new daughter board to use the GPS outside of fuselage?

I also have a APM2 board. I do have my external GPS from my APM1.0. Is it possible to disable the APM2 onboard GPS and just plugin the external on the provided port ?


I removed the GPS daughter board and it was relatively easy BUT I have professional solder equipment and have done rework for 25 years.  I just used thin solder wick and a soldering iron. Now, why did I do it?  Does the ground connection go through the cable too or only through the 4 pins?


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