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2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Nguyen Ha Minh's discussion Any one know how to request for a RMA?
"Hi Ha,
Our service was slow last week with the APM2 and 3DR radio production, but emails should be answered promptly again now. Sorry for the delay; it does sound like a hardware problem with the diode. Please check your email for an RMA number.…"
Apr 26, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to John Schweitzer's discussion Bricked 3DR Remzibi?
"Hi John,
It's normal for the Remzibi OSD 3DR to get pretty hot since the MAX7456 chip operates at a high temperature. The firmware is now available in the product description too. We will be updating the manual to include a note about the firmware…"
Mar 21, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to jyro's discussion Short (34 ohms) between power rails?
Measuring the resistance across 5V and GND on several pins for one of our ArduIMU's here at the store, the resistance is hundreds of kilo ohms. It could be a faulty capacitor on your board, shorting but not fully. If you have something with a…"
Jan 30, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Damian ONeill's discussion APM 1 magnetometer "Bad Compass"
"Hi Damian,
To make sure I understood correctly, are the burned pads on the oilpan and not the magnetometer? The molex connector on the oilpan labeled "No GPS!" can be used for mounting the Magnetometer externally. You can see how to do this here in…"
Jan 30, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to peter's discussion problem connecting to APM
"Hi Peter,
Which firmware are you using?
This could be a hardware problem; does the CLI switch look well soldered onto the board? Does the board reset when you hit the switch?"
Jan 30, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to J Rock's discussion Oil Pan shield "SW2" Switch procurement
"Unfortunately, the SW2 switch is not available through the DIY Drones store. The Eagle files available online are current."
Jan 10, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Flyboy_____'s discussion SOLVED! PPM encoder V2 (328P) UPDATE FIRMWARE
"Hello, if you purchased your PPM encoder from the DIY Drones store, it should come programmed with the latest firmware. If you would like to change the firmware, you will need a programmer, such as the AVRISP mkII programmer. It seems like it might…"
Jan 2, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Dale's discussion Removing apm 2.0 shield
"Hi Dale,
The APM2 is not designed for the shield to be removed, and we do not recommend attempting to un-solder the shield. In the future, we will offer different options for the shield (check out Jordi's blog post here).
Our guy here at the store…"
Jan 2, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to David R Hinkle's discussion Artificial horizon in Mission Planner drifts after moving quad
"Hi David,

Does the artificial horizon slowly drift back to a stable position, or does it continue to turn and change randomly after you move the quad? There are some tests that you can run in the terminal (CLI mode). Try the "gyros" test, the "adc"…"
Jan 2, 2012
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Kur's discussion ArduPilot Mega Dimensions - Updated
"Hi Kur,
In Eagle CAD, you can use the "mark" tool to set the origin to any point on the board. You can then move the cursor around the board to find the dimensions that you need.
-Tech Support"
Dec 12, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Ruwan's discussion ArduIMU V3
"Hi Rapi,
The ArduIMU V3 is not a replacement for the ArduPilot Mega IMU shield or the ATMega boards. You can find a full list of features on each board in the product descriptions online, but to summarize: the V3 lacks many of the features that are…"
Nov 23, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Alex's discussion EagleCad Files for Oilpan outdated and missing for HMC5883L
"Hi Alex,
The eagle files and schematics for the boards have been updated and are now included in the product description on the product pages. If you notice any other files are missing or outdated, please email tech support and we will update or…"
Nov 22, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Ben Richardson's discussion Help with Arduplane
"Hi Ben,
I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. When you open the serial monitor in Arduino and see the garbled information, what position is the slide switch in? Can you please post a screenshot of the serial monitor with the garbled…"
Nov 22, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Troublemaker's discussion Xbee USB
"Hi Toby,
Try contacting customer support from the store from which you purchased it; if the USB solder connection was cold or defective, you may be able to get a replacement. If you'd like to try and repair it yourself, you can try soldering a small…"
Nov 3, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Ellison Chan's discussion Busted APM
"Hi Ellison, If the 328 chip is still working despite the chip in it, you can probably still use the board as it is, especially if you do not need to reprogram the chip. If you need to reprogram the chip, you can solder some pins onto the AT328 ISP…"
Nov 2, 2011
2k2f7mpmgd5j7 replied to Aqntbghd's discussion No radio input, is it a fried Mux ?
"If the MUX has been fried, it would need to be replaced, but since the MUX and PPM lights are on, it sounds like the board may not be fried. Did you say that you've reloaded the same arduplane firmware that you had been using before the problem with…"
Oct 25, 2011