Xbee USB

     I recenty bought an XtreamBee USB Adapter from the Diy Drones store. The board was working normally, then after having a problem that I just couldn't fix, I noticed The USB socket has come away from the board. 

      The 4 solder pads that hold down the socket look to have not made proper contact with the board.  Unfortunately as the socket came away it removed one of the data line pads, so I cannot resolder or extend the track off the board. 


     Has anyone else had a similar problem?




Any one think of a fix?

I couldnt buzz out the trace as there was no pad, I guess i should check the schematic?




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  •       I would just like to add that my problem has been resolved.  Diy Drones 3d Robotics store contacted me by phone! On my mobile down under here in Australia, Fantastic service.  I RMA'd the device and upon receipt they have credited my account with the value of the item and the return post. 




  • Hi Toby,

    Try contacting customer support from the store from which you purchased it; if the USB solder connection was cold or defective, you may be able to get a replacement. If you'd like to try and repair it yourself, you can try soldering a small wire from the trace to the USB pin.

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