I am looking to use drone captured data to map out areas.

I am seeing rolling shutter artifacts from the sensor system I am using. This impacts our photogrammetry and massively degrades the orthomosaic quality. I have seen that Pix4D has a solution for correcting this, are there any other known post-processing solutions? (apart from looking for a new sensor system)

Example image below, notice how the top of the image is much more blurry than the bottom:

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In my experience this can be solved by damping the vibrations before they make it to the camera.  And it's not only spinning things that can cause the problem but flexible frame parts are just as important if not more so.  I'm going to assume you are shooting a fast enough shutter speed and all that.  What material are you using for isolating the camera?  Some gimbals can cause vibration if they are not balanced and tuned perfectly so that is something to think about.

I'm not sure how Pix4D is handling these artifacts, but it seems like you would want to avoid any sort of post processing since information is lost regardless of how it is handled in the software.  Hopefully someone else can chime in as I know others have faced these challenges.

Pix4d simply cut one picture into multiple pictures. But there is interpolation between pixel so results could be as good as you could have with global shutter or good sensor readout

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