Remzibi OSD 3DR not working with Delorme GPS NMEA

I just receive my Remzibi OSD 3DR and test it with Remzibi OSD software and GPS emulator, all works perfect with GPS emulator with FTDI cable.

But when I am using my Delorme Earthmate GPS (see below the model and pinout cable), this GPS is not recognized by OSD.

I am using next pins below (in blue) to connect the GPS to remzibi. When I connect the GPS, Remzibi OSD is starting finding the GPS cycling all byte per second, GPS power led is blinking (as normal), but at the end the GPS is not recognized. Any idea?

I did not change anything on Remzibi OSD Configuration tool / "GPS Setup". Should I?

This GPS is NMEA compatible and I was able to connect it as NMEA GPS with different software, including GoogleEarth.

The original GPS USB cable was using pins #2 and #3 for signal. My cable to connect to Remzibi was modified to use pins #5 and #6. Should I use those pins #2 and #3, instead of #5 and #6?

Delorme Earthmate II LT-40 GPS - Pinout


1 - GND - To GND Remzibi
2 - USB Data+
3 - USB Data-
4 - +5V - To GND Remzibi
5 - RS232 RXD - To RX Remzibi
6 - RS232 TXD - To TX Remzibi
7 - RS232 DTR
8 - +5v
9 - GND
10 - 
11 -

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Hello criro

Reply for you problem.

+5V - To GND Remzibi     ----------I think there is an error here.

in Remzibi s OSD in "view" menu you use Remzibi or ardupilot or no gps?

Now my probleme

I have Remzibi OSD 3DR with ardupilot mega and telemetry kit 2.4G and GPS ublox5.

Ardupilot work very well with gps and telemetry kit.

When i connect the Remzibi OSD 3DR pin at xbee port on ardupilot, OSD not detect gps.

i connect the "out" on xbee port to rx on Remzibi OSD 3DR and GND to GND for finish +5 to +5.

somethink wrong ?

What do you think about ?

Thank and sorry for this english from another planet

I do provide +5V to GPS from Remzibi board. Also the ground to GPS from Remzibi board. I believe this is correct, since my Delorme GPS led do blinking for a while, then stop, so it feel the +5V. It should continue to blink red, until become solid green when is fixed GPS, but this does not happen. Maybe I need to provide some wake-up command to GPS, but I don't know how. In menu View \ OSD Layout I have Remzibi OSD. Is that correct? Or what value should be, since I am using an external NMEA GPS?

About your problem, I am still a newbie on ArduPilot, I have not yet this ArduPilot, not XBee, so not yet able to provide the information. But if someone else will reply, this will help me too on the future.

you have 200px‑Digital_Multimeter for mesure voltage?

i think you gps want much energy for find satelitte...

im not a pro but i just want help you

I have a digital voltmeter and I did measure the voltage provided by Remzibi board as +5V, but without GPS connected. I will do another measure with GPS connected and see if any drop of voltage. But it assume the Remzibi board to provide the voltage required to GPS. So far not yet functional...

Still not working... So in my test I did extract the RX and TX from GPS and connect to Remzibi OSD 3DR. GPS TX to Remzibi RX and GPS RX to Remzibi RX. And provide +5V and ground to GPS, from Remzibi board. This setup does not work.

I was thinking to next scenario: to keep GPS with USB connector (pins 2, 3,as original), instead on serial (pins 5, 6,). And then fromGPS USB connector to use the FTDI cable to use it as "TTL to RS232". So, connect my GPS USB connector to USB FTDI connector and FTDI serial connector to Remzibi. Would be this a solution? Any idea?

I have also purchased my Remzibi OSD 3DR, but I have not been able to find info about pin assignments and programming.  There is lots of info and documentation on the web about the original remzibiOSD, but the DIY drones board is quite different (totally new layout and different pin labels).  Frankly, I don't have enough info to safely connect it to a GPS, to the USB cable, or to the various ADCs for sensors.   

Do any of you know where I can find this info.  (even just a list of what the pin labels are connected to would be a start).   Thanks in advance!  Tom

After a bit more looking I answered my own question.  Thanks to Keith S for posting the info on Feb 28 at

Maybe 3D Robotics should include this info on the page where they sell the board ;-P

Has anyone got this working right with APM and telemetry? i order this board thinking it would be better than the MinimOSD. My intention is to use it with APM and also as standalone for some FPV.

If DIYDRONES sells this board alone, it should at least give some support on it and provide some info on the connections and what is compatible with it.

APM is awesome, but this is a bad product due to its support.

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