Hi I want to play with a drone for my first time without buying one. I live in Seattle. Does anyone know of a place where I can rent one with assistance?

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You may be able to get to watch someone fly one if you can find someone who flies one. Ask around at the local RC flying areas.

Good luck!

Don't know about rental, but if you wanted to get in touch and don't mind comings east side, you could fly one of mine some weekend.

You're a brave man, Scott.

I kept my R/C modified AP.Drone for training purposes.

For anyone looking for drone rentals near Seattle, checkout

www.blueskiesdronerental.com or email droneanator@blueskiesdronerental.com to schedule a pickup time.

Currently serving the Seattle Washington area (near Snohomish), but will soon be able to ship to you.

Is your operation Todd?


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