Requesting Datastreams keeps flashing up

I've started seeing a problem with my copter, where the OSD will initially work, but once I take off, it will repeatedly flash 'requesting datastreams' and then reconnect and work for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds, before repeating. It never does it while on the ground, only when the motors are running.

I'm running a minimOSD 1.1 with minimOSD extra r621.

Has anyone come across this? Where should I be looking to solve it? I don't have any other cables to try between the APM and 3dr radio/OSD thanks to 3DR's unwillingness to change their ridiculous shipping options. $35 for a $3 cable. GTFO!

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  • Hi Glenn,

     seems 3.1rc5 at least on the first flight the problem is not there now. It was on 3.1 rc4 only after arming.



  • Hi Glenn,

     i see the same thing and am puzzled as well. I have seen it on the newer 3.1 rc4.

    My 3dr kit with minimosd is only a month old.

    What version of FW are you using on your APM ?

  • Looks like andropilot is to blame for this one...

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