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Hello Everyone,

i have a question regarding the RTL function:

Does the copter usually fly a direct straight line when using the RTL or does it also fly larger curves ?

In my case, i have brought the copter further away and then switched to RTL.

In the end, it was first flying one curve with a radius of approx. 50m instead of going straight.

I had to bring it down manually due to this curve as it would have crashed on a public street otherwise.

Attached is a picture of the result (along with some more props which suffered this week-end).

I am really trying hard currently to get everything working, but up to now, i still see major issues unfortunately - starting to get also very costly in terms of spare parts...

Anyone got an idea if such curves are normal when using RTL ?




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         No, it should not fly curves when returning.  It should turn back to it's starting position, and fly straight home using the regular way point routines.  Once within the WP_RADIUS it will switch to loiter and then if you have auto land set (there's some parameter which controls this..maybe RTL_LAND?) it should land within about 20 seconds.

         Does Loiter work?  the way point navigation routines are a bit different from loiter..they include a cross track calculation which is meant to compensate for wind..there are also separate PID values that will need to be tuned..

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